Midwest Soccer hosts, as well as participates in, some of the most competitive tournaments in the nation.  Please check out the information and links below to learn more…

Midwest Soccer Tournament of Champions

The Midwest Soccer Tournament of Champions features the state and league championship teams in seven competitive categories from Midwest Soccer’s 14 state associations

USASA National Women’s Championships

Launched in 2013, this premier women’s national tournament offers three divisions: U23, Amateur, Open.

USASA National Cups

The USASA National Cups program is the oldest and most prestigious adult competition offered to all affiliated teams of the United States Adults Soccer Association.  It is also open to any youth soccer team whose players are registered with the United States Soccer Federation.

Six divisions of competition are offered each year: Men’s Open Cup, Men’s Amateur Cup, Men’s 0/30 Cup, Men’s U/23 Cup, Women’s Cup and Women’s U/23 Cup. In addition, those teams who enter into the Men’s Open Cup  competition are also  entering the USSF Lamar Hunt Open Cup. This competition allows our adult men teams the possibility of playing the Major League Soccer (MLS) teams for the championship title.

USASA Veterans Cup

The USASA Veterans Cup is a fantastic destination tournament event for women’s and men’s teams, from Over 30 to Over 70.

(If you are turning the division age in the event’s calendar year, you are eligible to play in the that division.)

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