USASA Coaching Program

Coaching Education & Coach of the Year

2011 Coach of the Year: David Hebestreit

The USASA offers two coaching education programs approved by US Soccer that are designed for the adult player.  These two programs are: The USASA Adult Coaching License and the USASA Adult Coaching Certificate.

The USASA Coaching Program manual can be found here and the USASA Coaching Policies & Procedures can be found here.

Aleks Mihailovic is the National Chairman of the USASA Coaching Committee.  He is also the USASA National Men’s Team Coach.  For information regarding either of these two programs, please email Aleks.

USASA Adult Coaching License

Level I (Day 1) consists of a classroom only presentation of coaching methods, team administration, care and prevention of injuries and the spirit of the laws.  This is a great course for all those team administrators who need organizational guidance, as well as for any coach dealing with adult players.  This course also assists National State Associations to help educate their membership in required administrative functions.

Level II (Day 2) combines classroom and field training sessions to present methods of coaching, game strategy, theory, game analysis, and technical & tactical training.  This portion of the course not only helps the new coach, or someone just making substitutions, but also is recommended for coaches making the transition from working with youth players to adult players.

Level III (Day 3) presents continuation of the methods of coaching, game strategy, theory and technical training but also contains functional training, goalkeeping, practice coaching and a written final examination.  We recommend any person coaching in the USASA to complete all three levels.  With the successful completion of all three levels a coach may be eligible to take the National “C” course with the recommendation of their instructor.

USASA Adult Coaching Certificate

The Adult Coaching Certificate is specifically designed to elevate the level of coaching education within the USASA membership.  It provides classroom and practical field coaching education and is offered free of charge.  It is purely educational and involves no testing.  It will better prepare attendees to take the USASA Adult Coaching License course and other US Soccer coaching licenses.

Coach of the Year Program

The basic criteria used for selection of the regional and USASA coaches of the year are as follows:

1) The candidate must be a member of USASA.

2) The candidate must be an active team coach in USASA.

3) How much of the coach’s time is spent in program(s) directly related to USASA.

4) Whether the candidate is active in more than one program in USASA, such as coach, player, administrator, referee, etc.

5) The candidate’s impact on the program(s) in which the candidate is involved.

6) The level of coaching education achieved by the candidate.

7) Consistent winning and/or improvement of the team’s performance under the
candidate’s coaching.

The Coach of the Year nomination process is as follows:

Each Coaching Committee Regional Representative will send out a letter by October 15th to each National State Association and applicable National/Regional/Inter-Regional League requesting that they present their Coach of the Year nomination no later than April 15th each seasonal year.  The nomination should include a letter, detailed background, and the candidate’s resume.

The Coaching Committee representative, along with the Regional Executive Committee, will select the Coach of the Year for each Region. The Coaching Committee Chairman will, in turn, submit the name of the selected candidates to the USASA Administrator. The USASA Administrator will send written notification to the successful candidates to arrange their trip accommodations to the Mid-Year Meeting and copy their affiliate member.

The Coaching Committee members will then select the National Coach of the Year for USASA, from among the Regional Coaches of the Year. The National Coach of the Year will be announced at the USASA Mid-Year Meeting.

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