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Sinisa Alebic is USASA Region II’s 2014 Coach of the Year!

We recently had the privilege to recognize and honor this extremely gifted man.  The coach of RWB Adria since 2007, Sinisa Alebic turned the Chicago side into a national powerhouse.

Over the past few years RWB Adria represented Region II at national competitions in all three divisions, Open, Amateur and Over-30.

Sinisa’s in-state record speaks for itself:  2007-2012 National League Champions and 2008-2013 NSL Coach of the Year; 2008, 2009, 2011-2014 Indoor NSL Champions; 2010 and 2013 Illinois State Cup Champions.

His record at nationals is impressive as well.  He’s lead Adria to championships in the National Cups Open Division, the 2014 National Amateur Championship and the Croatian National Soccer Tournament.  He’s also coached Adria in the Lamar Hunt Open Cup.

Congratulations to Sinisa Alebic for all of your hard earned successes.  Your dedication and work ethic are a true inspiration.  The Midwest Soccer family is so proud to have you in our community.

Gunners strike again…

USASA Men’s National Amateur Cup Final at Toyota Park (Chicago, IL) – In the 51st minute, the Battery Park Gunners (MA) took advantage of RWB Adria’s (IL) momentary defensive lapse.

The seasoned, talented Adria side will surely have to start taking some chances now in order to stay in this game.

Posted from the field.

Gunners strike first…

USASA Men’s National Amateur Cup Final at Toyota Park (Chicago, IL) – In a match that’s sure to be heated for the full 90 minutes, the Battery Park Gunners (MA) struck first (23rd minute) with an amazing shot to the far upper ninety from outside the box.

RWB Adria (IL) is surely peparing their answer.  More to come…

Posted from the field.

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