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Cardinals FC & United BiH FC status update


When it comes to determining home and away status with a coin flip there’s only one man to call, DJ Johns. This highly sought after coin flip caller once again proves why he’s summoned to all corners of the globe when it comes to calling the most serious of flips.

This USASA Men’s National Amateur Cup play-in game is taking place at 7pm on Saturday, May 3, 2014. The MN Soccer Association is hosting Rochester’s United BiH FC and Minneapolis’s Cardinals FC at the Irish Sports Dome in Rosemount, MN. The winner of this match will proceed to the regional level of the tournament, held near Indianapolis in June 2014.


New (not really) video from Midwest Soccer…

This was just a test of the Go Pro HD video camera.  This video isn’t very compelling, BUT….. the great thing is that almost everyone has HD video quality available to them, via relatively cheap HD camcorders or even simply on their mobile handsets.  This means that almost anyone could shoot a quick video clip at their game of great goals….or their favorite moves, interviews from the field, player profiles, video responses to our “Question of the Week,” etc.  We could even have contests that require people to submit video clips as entries.

This could be fun…

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