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A New Era for the MSA Ancient Ranger Tournament

The dust has finally settled and the results are in.  This year’s MSA Ancient Ranger Tournament in Minneapolis saw a record 46 teams registered.  And with the Cardinals FC (O30M) finally coming of age we may be witnessing the dawning of a new dynasty in the O30 men’s division.

Teams and individuals from Alaska, Florida, Iowa, Texas, Wisconsin, Colorado, Missouri, Kansas, Indiana, Michigan and Illinois came to participate in the Minnesota tournament that many players claim is the highlight of their soccer year.

Congratulations to First Place Winners:
Over 50 Men’s:  Flashbacks
Over 45 Men’s:  Silverbacks
Over 40 Men’s:  Royals FC
Over 30 Women’s:  Mavericks
Over 30 Men’s Competitive:  Cardinals
Over 30 Men’s Recreational:  Expendables
Runners Up:
Over 50 Men’s:  Royals 50
Over 45 Men’s:  Internationals
Over 40 Men’s:  Real St Croix
Over 30 Women’s:  Ladybugs
Over 30 Men’s Competitive:  La Cantera
Over 30 Men’s Recreational:  Ames Hurricanes
3rd Place Women’s Over 30:  Runaways and Random
3rd Place Men’s Over 40:  Rock City FC and Canes
For more information on the MSA Ancient Ranger Tournament please email rangers@mnsoccer.org

22nd Annual MSA Ancient Ranger Tournament Details Released!

This year’s event will be held at the National Sports Center in Blaine, MN, September 6-7, 2014.
With over 40 teams participating in six divisions (men’s O30, O40, O45, O50 and women’s O30 rec & competitive), free massages, and free food all weekend, this is truly a destination tournament worth the trip to Minneapolis.  Send an email to rangers@mnsoccer.org today to get more details!

Cardinals FC & United BiH FC status update


When it comes to determining home and away status with a coin flip there’s only one man to call, DJ Johns. This highly sought after coin flip caller once again proves why he’s summoned to all corners of the globe when it comes to calling the most serious of flips.

This USASA Men’s National Amateur Cup play-in game is taking place at 7pm on Saturday, May 3, 2014. The MN Soccer Association is hosting Rochester’s United BiH FC and Minneapolis’s Cardinals FC at the Irish Sports Dome in Rosemount, MN. The winner of this match will proceed to the regional level of the tournament, held near Indianapolis in June 2014.


Ready for a Spring Mixer?



The MN Soccer Association is hosting their first coed tournament!  Click on the graphic below for more information.



The Party’s Over….Or is it Just Beginning?

The unthinkable happens again!  The snow flakes are falling here on the soccer fields of Minnesota.  And although our players were funneled through the doors of their favorite indoor facilities at least a month ago, we find ourselves facing only one question……”Why do we live here, constantly subjecting ourselves to this frigid weather season after season?”  It must be in our DNA and I think we all enjoy it in some sick, twisted way.  We Minnesotans save a special place in our hearts for indoor soccer and invade the indoor fields en masse each time the snow comes rolling in.  And so we head indoors to experience the joys of the indoor game, whether with dasher boards or without.
The MN Soccer Association offers affiliated indoor leagues.  Please visit our website for more details!


See you on the pitch!

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