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USASA Region II National Cups Deadlines Update

For your viewing pleasure, here are a couple very important notes from the Region II Cups Commissioner, Dyann Pugliese:

Deadlines for the Region II US Adult National Cups are (dates below refer to 2015):

  • May 3 – Member organizations in Region II must provide the divisions in which teams will be entered.  This will allow member organizations to commit to entering a team in a division, but conduct qualifiers until the team entry deadline.
  • May 26 – Team entries must be received by 6pm (EDT) by the Cups Commissioner.  (Electronic signatures will be accepted on entry forms.)
  • May 31 – Team rosters must be received no later than 6pm (EDT) by the Cups Commissioner.  (Electronic signatures will be accepted on roster forms.)  ROSTERS ARE FROZEN ON THIS DATE.
  • June 12-14 – Region II National Cups in Overland Park, Kansas

IMPORTANT:  REGION II WILL NOT BE PROVIDING ANY SUBSIDIES FOR THE US SOCCER LAMAR HUNT CUP.  No funding is received by the Region from US Adult or US Soccer for the Lamar Hunt Open Cup.

Men’s Open Cup Region II final postponed!

With all participants ready and willing, the extreme weather cut into the fantastic game between the Des Moines Menace and the Schwaben AC today.  Below are notes from Dyann Pugliese (Region II Cups Commissioner):


I want to thank the players, team managers, officials and spectators for their cooperation and understanding at today’s game.  The weather was brutal and according to the news, a tornado did touch down here in Iowa.  This has been the most incredible competition I have ever been involved with, yet all of the Region II teams have been cooperative and supportive.  Thank you. 

 The game site had been arranged for by the Des Moines Menace and agreed upon by the Schwaben AC.  It was a neutral site for the Men’s Open Cup Region II Final.

The game began as scheduled at 3:00pm CT.  The weather was overcast with high winds and storm clouds approaching.  At 3:32pm local weather warning sirens sounded.  The University of Iowa facility management staff advised that the sirens indicated extreme wind conditions.  After a momentary official stoppage of the game during the weather warning sirens, the game resumed.  The game progressed to half time with the score 0:0.

Prior to the game resuming, the facility management staff advised that the onsite weather alert radio indicated lightning approaching and that the facility manager had ordered the field to be immediately cleared of all players, officials and spectators.  Simultaneously lightning was observed. 

The referee delayed the start of the second half due to the weather conditions. Players, officials and spectators were directed by the UI staff to clear the field due to the lightning and approaching weather.  The players and spectators went to their cars.  The Schwaben AC had a team bus.  The field was cleared.

The emergency weather alert in my car advised that the area was under a tornado warning until 4:30pm.  The area was hit by hail, extreme winds, rain and lightning.  While sitting in my car, I was in contact with the referee, the managers of both teams, and the UI facility staff.  The UI facility staff returned to their office at the basketball arena. They indicated that radar showed a line of storms with lightning strikes for at least two hours.

I went to the facility office to see if there was any possibility of the weather clearing.  It was obvious by the weather radar service that the university uses that the severe weather would be continuing for at least two hours. 

The referee crew arrived at the facility office as did the assessor at the game.  Although the general rule is “in the opinion of the referee” regarding abandoning a game, I discussed it with the team managers, the referees and the facility staff.  I also spoke with Bill Davey, Region II Director, to advise him of the situation.

I read the National Cup rules that applied to the situation and advised the teams of the rules.  Both teams agreed adamantly that they wanted to complete the game or replay it in entirety.

My concerns were many.

  • The safety of the players
  • The safety of the spectators
  • The condition of the field following a torrential downpour
  • The distance spectators, officials and players had driven to get to the game and would have to drive following the game
  • That the officiating crew was being assessed and the assessor had driven four hours for the assessment

At 5:30pm, radar clearly indicated continued threatening weather.  Lightning was ongoing.  A tornado watch was now in effect. 

At 5:44pm I texted the following to Matt Homonoff and Tom Cholewa.

Following discussions between the referees and the facility management, the game will not be completed.  Radar at the university facility management center shows lightning 2 hours away and headed this way.  If the last strike is 2 hrs, an additional 30 minutes is required plus a brief warm-up.  So possibly 3 hours before the game could resume. However, the facility will not allow it.  I am on my way back to the parking lot.

To clarify, the facility manager had no objections to a game being played on the field in the rain.  He would not allow any field usage with lightning continuing and more approaching. The issue was not the condition of the field; it was the severe weather and the university’s liability.

At approximately 6:15pm, I met with the team managers and the referee. Both managers agreed to replay the game in entirety by Memorial Weekend.  The officiating crew stated that they would be willing to officiate the match.

I chose to honor the teams’ request to replay the game in entirety.  The first half of the game was well-played and highly competitive.  Both teams have been positive, sporting and patient despite US Soccer changing the tournament structure and setting deadlines with unreasonable timelines. 

For those reasons, the final game of the Region II Men’s Open National Cup will be replayed in its entirety at a neutral field to be secured by the Des Moines Menace before Memorial Weekend.

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