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USASA Region II National Cups Deadlines Update

For your viewing pleasure, here are a couple very important notes from the Region II Cups Commissioner, Dyann Pugliese:

Deadlines for the Region II US Adult National Cups are (dates below refer to 2015):

  • May 3 – Member organizations in Region II must provide the divisions in which teams will be entered.  This will allow member organizations to commit to entering a team in a division, but conduct qualifiers until the team entry deadline.
  • May 26 – Team entries must be received by 6pm (EDT) by the Cups Commissioner.  (Electronic signatures will be accepted on entry forms.)
  • May 31 – Team rosters must be received no later than 6pm (EDT) by the Cups Commissioner.  (Electronic signatures will be accepted on roster forms.)  ROSTERS ARE FROZEN ON THIS DATE.
  • June 12-14 – Region II National Cups in Overland Park, Kansas

IMPORTANT:  REGION II WILL NOT BE PROVIDING ANY SUBSIDIES FOR THE US SOCCER LAMAR HUNT CUP.  No funding is received by the Region from US Adult or US Soccer for the Lamar Hunt Open Cup.

USYSA players, read this…

In reference to the 2014 USASA National Cups, there is a bit of a snafoo with the U20 Division and the Youth Registered players that may be involved in the competition.  Both USYSA and USASA have separate insurance policies and  under writing companies, neither of which recognize the coverage of the other when participating in an event, either Youth or Adult.
We now have a fix for that issue, via the use of the USASA Temporary Weekend Tournament Pass.
So, all players that are registered as Youth players will have to have this pass.
Here is the procedure and some context for those teams/players:
1) We have waived the (tournament) entry fee for that age group.
2) We will provide a nominal travel expense subsidy for those traveling teams.
3) A roster must be submitted, along with the entry form, to Dyann P (Midwest Soccer’s Cups Commissioner).  She will in turn send it to the USASA Office to have the Tournament passes printed and sent back to her.  Pictures are not required, but teams should bring their Youth Passes with them, to complete the registration verification process.  The cost of the passes is $6 each, which will pretty much be a wash for what the (tournament) entry fee was initially.  The checks should be made out to USASA.  The rosters should be signed by the Youth Registrar, officer, or designate.  This will be a quick turn around process, so rosters and entries should be submitted relatively quickly.
There can be a mix of Youth registered players (using the USASA Tournament pass) and normally USASA registered players, who should already have a State issued pass.
We realize that this is a cumbersome procedure, but it does meet the requirements of both USYSA and USASA for the purpose of participation and insurance requirements.
The States participating will be credited with the registration numbers, based on the number of tournament passes issued.
Questions may be referred to Midwest Soccer Director, Bill Davey.
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