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USASA Region II National Cups Deadlines Update

For your viewing pleasure, here are a couple very important notes from the Region II Cups Commissioner, Dyann Pugliese:

Deadlines for the Region II US Adult National Cups are (dates below refer to 2015):

  • May 3 – Member organizations in Region II must provide the divisions in which teams will be entered.  This will allow member organizations to commit to entering a team in a division, but conduct qualifiers until the team entry deadline.
  • May 26 – Team entries must be received by 6pm (EDT) by the Cups Commissioner.  (Electronic signatures will be accepted on entry forms.)
  • May 31 – Team rosters must be received no later than 6pm (EDT) by the Cups Commissioner.  (Electronic signatures will be accepted on roster forms.)  ROSTERS ARE FROZEN ON THIS DATE.
  • June 12-14 – Region II National Cups in Overland Park, Kansas

IMPORTANT:  REGION II WILL NOT BE PROVIDING ANY SUBSIDIES FOR THE US SOCCER LAMAR HUNT CUP.  No funding is received by the Region from US Adult or US Soccer for the Lamar Hunt Open Cup.


Honoring Everett Polley

Peggy tries out the memorial bench the day before the dedication ceremony.

A special memorial dedication ceremony took place on Saturday May 19th, 2012 in McNeely Lake Park near Louisville, Kentucky to honor the soccer life of a local, regional, and national leader: Everett Polley.
For the full post click here.

Competitions Are In Full Swing…

Update!  The Midwest Soccer Tournament of Champions is set for July 28th & 29th, this Saturday and Sunday.  Click here for more details.

The National Cups and competition season is in full swing so check out our Competitions page for more information, including new info about USASA Coed Cup 2012.  Please contact us if we can help you!

Mugshot from Miami…


These lucky mug winners have been recognized for growing membership in their respective states.  Region 2 has long been viewed as a progressive leader on the national stage and these people are an example of why Region 2 is held in such high regard.  Keep up the great work, everyone!

Posted from the field.

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