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And it was going so smoothly….


As the sun came up over the fields this morning it was evident that half of the fields would be unplayable for the rest of the day.  It had rained last night, and with the drainage not being quite up to the dousing….well let’s just say that game delays will make the natives quite restless.

Some fancy footwork is taking place inside of the HQ tent and the captains meeting is about to start…

Posted from the field.

Let the games begin!…..



It’s a beautiful morning here in Plano!  I admit that that it’s a little early for me, but it’s pretty amazing to see 6 full sided matches kicking of….guns blazing at 8 in the morning!

It’s going to be an extremely packed day, but the games will be fantastic and the player party is tonight.  Something tells me we’re gonna tear Plano apart….

Posted from the field.

Coed Cup 2011 – USASA

Coed Cup 2011 – USASA.

This is taking place in Dallas, TX this coming weekend!  Gonna be fantastic and I, for one, can’t wait to check  it out.  There are over 40 teams (which may be a record for this event) and we’ll be meeting players from all over the country.

The competition may get a bit intense as there’s a national championship on the line, so to speak.  But I have a feeling that the good times taking place off the field will rival the action taking place on the fields!

Check out the link above for further details and stay tuned for updates from the field.  (Yup, I’ll literally be posting from the field!…well, okay, from the sidelines, since I’m a third string player.)

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