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The Party’s Over….Or is it Just Beginning?

The unthinkable happens again!  The snow flakes are falling here on the soccer fields of Minnesota.  And although our players were funneled through the doors of their favorite indoor facilities at least a month ago, we find ourselves facing only one question……”Why do we live here, constantly subjecting ourselves to this frigid weather season after season?”  It must be in our DNA and I think we all enjoy it in some sick, twisted way.  We Minnesotans save a special place in our hearts for indoor soccer and invade the indoor fields en masse each time the snow comes rolling in.  And so we head indoors to experience the joys of the indoor game, whether with dasher boards or without.
The MN Soccer Association offers affiliated indoor leagues.  Please visit our website for more details!


See you on the pitch!

Posted from the field.

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